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Disinfect Your Home: Weekly Cleaning

Keeping things clean has always been important. Now that importance has gone to another level. This goes for our surroundings as well as our bodies. With the way the COVID-19 illness has changed the world, a new emphasis on washing our hands and avoiding people who aren’t feeling well, needs to be supported by maintaining

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Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed

Introducing The Murphy Cabinet Beds

For more than two decades, Wilding Wallbeds has been of the cutting edge of space-saving beds — designing and building custom all-wood Murphy Beds. In addition, they have always been on the lookout for other ways to help customers get multipurpose out of the space they have available. This has led to the creation of

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Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls Murphy Beds

Idaho Falls is a fast-growing part of the world with a surprisingly low cost of living. This attracts many new people from all walks of life. When it comes to this low cost of living, this allows people to be freer to spruce up their homes. Wilding Wallbeds knows that many people are looking to

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online bed builder

Wilding Wallbeds New Bed Builder

Wilding Wallbeds has recently launched a new online Bed Builder. With this new feature, you, the customer can design, quote, get dimensions for, and order a custom Wilding Wallbed directly from the website. The Bed Builder is designed to be easy to use, informative, and fun to experiment with. Continue reading for more about the

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Care for pillow, blanket and comforter

Taking Care Of Your Pillow, Blanket, Comforter

Most people spend more time in their beds than any other place. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation recommends about 8 hours each night for adults. So if you are sleeping like you should, you will end up spending around a third of your life in your bed. So, you are going to want to

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Murphy Bed for Dogs

Dogs Deserve Wallbeds Too

Attention dog lovers! Wilding Wallbeds doesn’t stop at saving space and improving sleep for people. There are Murphy Beds designed specifically for dogs as well! The inspiration for the Dog Wallbed originally came from the Wilding family and their own dogs. “The Wildings have a long history of loving dogs, from Bob’s sidekick Foxie, and

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Bookcase wallbed

Bookcase Murphy Bed Customer Service

Wilding Wallbeds knows that customers want a great product for an affordable price and that they want to be heard. Listening to feedback from customers is something that sets Wilding apart from the competition. The Bookcase Wallbed is a perfect example this. When the Bookcase Wallbed was initially created, the idea was to give customers

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